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Monmouth Maps from the Book "Fatal Sunday"

The eighteen maps in this section are colorized versions of the maps that appear in the book Fatal Sunday: George Washington , the Monmouth Campaign, and the Politics of Battle, by Mark Edward Lender and Garry Wheeler Stone, published by the University of Oklahoma Press in 2016. They were updated by Dr. Stone in 2017 and are presented here with his permission. The maps are copyright © by the University of Oklahoma Press and are to be used for informational and educational purposes.

Maps are listed by the page number on which they appear in the book Fatal Sunday

20        New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, 1777-1778

125      The British Routes to Monmouth, June 1778

160      The Continental Army Routes to Monmouth, June 1778

185      The Rival Army Encampments, 27 June 1778

202      The Village of Monmouth Court House (Freehold)

207      The Farms on the Western Battlefield

242      Steuben’s Escape

252      Lee’s Advance Stalls at the West Morass

257      Lee Marches to Contact

267      Counterattack

287      Washington Encounters the Retreating Vanguard

301      Melee at the Point of Woods

307      Bloody Action at the Hedgerow

311      The Grenadiers Cross the Bridge

321      The Great Cannonade

334      Washington Resumes the Offensive

343      Wayne Attacks the British Rear

351      The British Route to Sandy Hook

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