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246th Anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth Reenactment June 15-16, 2024

Additional 246th Anniversary Special Programs
June 23, 2024

Schedule for reenactment June 15-16, 2024

Monmouth BattlefieldThe Friends of Monmouth Battlefield, Inc., was formed in 1990 and is a 501 (c)(3) not-for -profit organization devoted to preserving, protecting and historically interpreting Monmouth Battlefield and historically related sites. The Friends group is licensed as an officially recognized friends organization (ORFO) by the State of New Jersey and is authorized to act in partnership with state government to protect, preserve and interpret the battlefield state park.

Individuals concerned with the deteriorating conditions of the State Park, which opened in 1978, formed the Friends of Monmouth Battlefield in 1990. Landscapes were being overwhelmed by vegetative growth obscuring historic vistas. Historic sites and buildings were on the verge of collapse. Beginning in 1990, as a way of bringing attention to the threatened national historic landmark, the Friends initiated the annual Battle of Monmouth reenactment. This historic event is observed on the third or fourth weekend of June each year. It has become the largest annual living history event in the state.


The Friends of Monmouth Battlefield are dedicated to protecting, preserving and interpreting the military and social history of the Monmouth Campaign of 1778 and the cultural landscapes of both the battlefield and associated sites within a broader geographic area beyond the Park. The preservation and interpretation of the Monmouth Campaign is a vital link in commemorating New Jersey’s role as the Crossroads of the American Revolution.
Other programs and activities of the Friends include:

  • Sponsorship of the annual “Revolutionary Days in Monmouth County” activities and programming every year in June and July
  • “Over Here Molly Pitcher” programming.
  • Regular bimonthly membership meetings on historical topics related to the battle and the park.
  • Development of walking and driving tours of the Battle of Monmouth.
  • Staffing of the gift shop at the Park Visitor Center.
  • Sponsoring talks and programs at the Park and tours of the battlefield.
  • Publication of a regular newsletter with articles relating to the battle and information on our organization and the Park
  • Outreach to schools, community groups and state agencies.
  • Supporting the Park by donation of items such as audiovisual equipment, bicycle racks, and exhibit material.
  • Enhancing the interpretation of the battle by donation of historical wayside exhibits.
  • Donation of major items such as a full size replica Revolutionary War cannon, with equipage, and a working replica Revolutionary War musket, with equipage.
  • Securing grants and donations for the preservation and interpretation of the Parks and its historic buildings.

Battle Announcement
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